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Hail marketing: a revolutionary system to find customers

Hail marketing: a revolutionary system to find customers

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Hail reports are an extraordinary challenge achieved with exclusive methods of analysis and test with which we provide services that are useful for many activities on a daily basis. The Hail Reports are designed to enhance marketing activities of companies that operate in the field of hail services and prevention.

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Dent removal: success stories

Dent removal: success stories

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Due to privacy, we will not include references and information that can lead to specific companies.

IN THE BEGINNING – The first Hail Reports were published in Italy in 1999 by Andrea Meloni (i.e. myself). I designed this service to meet the requirements of dent removers, a business that was hardly known at the time in Italy.

IT WAS AND STILL IS AN ORIGINAL SERVICE – At the time, our (my) Hail Report was already unique, because it did not come from Metar (weather observations for airports), but was created through direct searches in the area carried out to get weather information.

In 2000, the Hail Report was finalised and the Hail Report Europe was created.  At the time the report was referred to as the Bulletin, but this term is not correct, because the service lists hailstorms that already took place, it does not make predictions about where it will hail.

In subsequent years, the Hail Report became a useful service for dent removers, but was also essential for medium and large companies, as it includes hailstorms. With this information, dent removal companies could advertise only in the relevant areas where there would be request for their services.

At the time, the dent removing business was just starting, but it quickly spread like all innovative ideas. Courses to become dent remover were launched, and the busiest companies franchised their services.

PROPAGATION– The Hail Report (by Andrea Meloni) was quickly used by the various Franchisors, as well as from companies that wanted to acquire customers in Europe.

In 2003, the Hail Report was translated into Spanish, German, English and French, and it spread all over the world.

EXCLUSIVITY – Around 2005, two large companies acquired the exclusivity for the Hail Report for Europe, whereas the one for Italy continued to be marketed.

COMPUTERS – Computer science helps us with mathematical calculations that mark out the areas affected by hail. And then above all, our experts process other data that describe the effects of the hailstorm, with the estimate of the hail stones fell on the ground before the process of melting ice begins.

IN THE MEANTIME, THE PDR BECOMES A BROKER – For several years, the Hail Report, coordinated by Andrea Meloni, is the basic tool used by the main dent removal companies in Europe. Their business grew dramatically, and employed dozens of workers in the world to repair major car parks damaged by hail, through partnerships and other forms of collaboration.

With the help of data available from the local chambers of commerce, we estimated the annual turnover of the companies that used the Hail Report directly or indirectly to be several thousand Euros.

END OF EXCLUSIVITY – The contractual period of exclusivity of the Hail Report has come to an end. The Hail Report can be sold in Italy, Europe and the rest of the world.

CRAFTSMEN GROW – We care immensely for this work, and we are rewarded by the awareness that the information in the Hail Report is useful to dozens of new businesses that will grow and break into European and world markets.

The Hail Report is an indispensable tool for the marketing of a company that repairs cars damaged by hail.

Are you interested in our services? You can contact me directly by writing in the language you find on this website. You must specify the geographical area for the Hail Report, as well as the language you prefer.

You can write to me using our form, or by emailing me at andrea@infograndine.it.  I will reply within 24 hours.