Hail Report


Our Hail Reports include a lot of information on where it has hailed, as well as the details on the size of the hailstones and the degree of the hailstorm.

Our Newsletter is particularly useful for companies that repair cars damaged by hail (dent removers), and who uses it get considerable economic benefits compared to the competition and increase their turnover by several times.

Our Newsletters have been used for many years with satisfaction, especially for the results achieved by small, medium and large companies in the sector of body repair of cars damaged by hail, also known as Dent Removers.

The Hail Report identifies the areas affected by the most important hailstorms, we generally point out only the events where stones exceed 1.5 – 2 centimetres. Such big hailstones can dent the car bodies, and with this information the dent removal companies can promote their businesses and agree discounts at certain car body repair garages in the area and / or do targeted marketing.

The Hail Report is sent by email, where we provide detailed information and by text message, which allows us to inform you in a timely manner where it has hailed.

We have designed different types of hail newsletters suitable for the various areas of the planet.

My name is Andrea Meloni, and I’m the creator of the first Hail Reports. The service started back in 1998. Over the years the Hail Report has gradually become more and more detailed and gained great success over the World.

The Hail Reports have been used for years by numerous car body repair workshops over the World.

Are you interested in our services? You can contact me directly by writing in the language you find on this website. You must specify the geographical area for the Hail Report, as well as the language you prefer.

You can write to me using our form, or by emailing me at andrea@infograndine.it.  I will reply within 24 hours.