Hail marketing: a revolutionary system to find customers

cielo tempestoso grandine

Hail reports are an extraordinary challenge achieved with exclusive methods of analysis and test with which we provide services that are useful for many activities on a daily basis. The Hail Reports are designed to enhance marketing activities of companies that operate in the field of hail services and prevention.

It is now proven that companies that use the Hail Report by Andrea Meloni, multiply their turnover several times with a limited budget.

I devised the first European Hail Report, my service started back in 1998.

My Hail Reports are extremely detailed and are not based on assumptions, but on the certainty of weather events that actually happened. We develop hail reports for the main populated areas of the planet; these are available in several languages (Italian, English, French and Spanish), with information also on city districts where it has hailed.

The hail reports are devised by a team of international professionals. Every day we draft our Hail Report that we send to subscribing companies.

The Report is available throughout the year and includes major points of financial interest for the world, Europe, America, South Africa and Australia.

Are you interested in our services? You can contact me directly by writing in the language you find on this website. You must specify the geographical area for the Hail Report, as well as the language you prefer.

You can write to me using our form, or by emailing me at andrea@grandine.eu.  I will reply within 24 hours.