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Hail reports, reports detailed to know where it is hailed!

Our are a professional service. It's ideal for defining the areas affected by the hail.

Our Hail Reports include a lot of information on where it has hailed, as well as the details on the size of the hailstones and the degree of the hailstorm. Our Newsletter is especially useful for dent removal companies. Those using the Hail Report have considerable financial benefits compared to competitors, and can increase their turnover by up to 10 times.

Why choose us?

High resolution

We give capillary news on major hailstorms. We provide very detailed information for densely populated regions.

Hail alert text messages

Major hailstorms are reported by text messages because your job involves being able to move from one place to another quickly, and timely alerts take you a step further to closing a deal.

Professional service

Hail Reports are written by experts in meteorology, climate research and business. We provide a highly professional service.

We care customer’s needs

We are aware of the requirements of dent removal companies. We provide relevant news, which lead to business opportunities. We are known for punctuality!

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Our Hail Reports include a lot of information on where it has hailed, as well as the details […]
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The company that publishes the Hail Report is Meteo Giornale S.r.l. ® ©, with headquarters in Milan. In […] is a trademark of Meteo Giornale S.r.l. The registered and executive office of Meteo Giornale S.r.l. is […]
Hail monitoring

Hail Research Center

Hail is a treacherous and widespread weather phenomenon. It is among the violent weather events which cause the most damage. Our Weather Centre is constantly operative, researching and forecasting hailstorms around the World.

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Our team of international experts with a scientific and weather background works together to prepare our Hail Report.

Hail Analysis

For nearly 15 years we have been investigating the thunderstorms that cause large hailstorms, and studying the dynamics of hail formation.

Hail Forecast

For years we have dedicated ourselves to the study of hail forecasting. We develop a mathematical model to forecast hail since 2012.